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Originally created in the year 2000, this site served as a personal website of Dr. Prashant V. Phatak PGY1, Internal Medicine with the creation of the "Peripheral Brain" as the first page as a hobbyist experience in web hosting and page creation. 

From 2010-2015, the site was re-purposed to host an electronic vacation request for residents.   A Sick resident notification system remained active from 2003-2018


Content (CMS)

A message board at one time hosted schedules and backup information as well as CME events and other useful links. Initially powered by IkonBoard from 2000-2006, phBB from 2006-2016 and Joomla CMS from 2016-2020.  From 2020 onward, the site has been migrated to blogger. 


Server Hardware

The Site was originally home hosted and powered by AMD Athlon based systems in 2000. The original home based server was a home-hosted on a AMD K6-2 350Mhz Based system running on a cable line. Later, KT7 based 1-1.2 GHz Athlon chip based systems were used (2005-2007). From February 2007 onward, managed hosting is used.

Web Server and OS

The original http/web server was powered by Omni-Httpd and later Windows IIS for a brief period. Reliability on windows was poor with frequent downtimes and outages. The web server was changed to Apache / Linux in February 2004, greatly improving reliability. Red Hat Fedora was installed in February 2004 and was in use until September 2004. Mandrake Linux-10 was in use from September 2004 till 2007. In Feb 2007, the switch was made to managed hosting (Linux/apache) to improve reliability (GoDaddy[2007-2009], 1&1[2009-2014] and now HostGator[2014-2016]) and 1&1 2016-2020 and 2020 onward powered by Blogger.

Email Server

An Email server was initially provided by various applications under windows and later Mecury/32 for Windows. In February 2004, Sendmail was used until October 2005, then PostFix from Oct 2005 until 2016. 

Mailing List support was initially provided by Mercury/32 under Windows. In February 2004, Majordomo was used until September 2004. Since September 2004 to 2016, GNU Mailman was utilized until 2016.  From 2016 onward managed hosting is used


The main domain hosting was provided by Dyndns.org from August 2000 to February 2007. From 2007 onward managed hosting is used.

Website Versions

Version 1 - 2000-2001

Version 2 - 2002-2003

Version 3 - 2003-2007

Version 4 - 2007-2009

Version 5 - 2009-2013

Version 6- 2013-2020



The Peripheral Brain - the original page of chiefresidents.net (for a modern version check the pull down menu for links). 


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